Orcale softwaree center

Professional consulting and realization of multi-tier solutions based on established technologies and products from Oracle for efficient und company compliant business processes.

PL/SQL, Java, Developer, Designer, Forms, WebForms, Reports, Universal Content Management (UCM), Portal/WebCenter, Application Server (OAS), Data Integrator, JDeveloper, JHeadStart, BI Publisher, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA Suite), Event Driven Architecture (EDA Suite), Application Development Framework (ADF), TopLink, Fusion Middleware, Idendity Management, Business Process Management (BPA Suite), XML, e-Government, Web 2.0, Mobile Computing, Web Services, etc.

We not only consult but also create custom solutions for our customers. Our customers appreciate our reliability and flexibility in form of individually adapted models of project work:

OUTsourcing: All-inclusive projects (fixed prices and dates)

INsourcing: Risk und resource sharing in cooperative projects

Individual services: Support through beiT experts