Why just beiT?

We realize your software from the conception until the roll-out
Our software is developed software is based on your requirements
beiT only bothers with individual software
Only state-of-the-art and established technologies are used
We support and monitor the change management process
You get broad professional services and support
For us SW enginneering is manifacturing and not science
We escort your projects with coaching to ensure the project targets
You receive individual technical concepts for your projects
We contribute with specialists and experts
You get solutions with high practical & investment value
We are interested in your business and try to recognize it
Your solution is based on state-of-the-art technologies
We are experts in requirement analysis and documentation
You get independent receiving the rights on source code
Our project manager is central contact person for all concerns
Software testing is no undesireable duty for us
All beiT employees identify with the developed solution
We engage only software professionals
Software architectures end not in itselfe for us
You can catch up infos about us from several reference customers
Our rapid and continuous growth acknowledges our way
We develop no works of art but practical business software

... and why individual software?