APA, Vienna, 13th December 2004


beiT Consulting supports AMA in software development


5-years-contract based on EU-wide tender


Agrarmarkt Austria (AMA) has engaged the Austrian software company beiT Consulting GmbH (www.beit.at/en) based on an EU-wide tender for the next 5 years to support AMA in software development projects. Until end of 2009 among 5 and 20 software experts of beiT will work in AMA projects. In these projects new applications will be developed as well as larger adaptions of existing solutions will be part of the partnership whereby software development at AMA will be based on Oracle databases and tools also in future. According to the duties of AMA the projects will mostly support the conversion of the legal misson as agricultural market order office and appointed payment agent, the settlement of furtherances and acitivities in the areas of agricultural marketing.


beiT was founded last year from the two experienced IT-managers Peter Tesarek and Werner Becher and continues with that step its rapid growth and will therefore already reach a positive balance in the second fiscal year with currently about 40 employees.